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Integrated Development Environment

Netbeans is my Integrated Development Tool of choice because the services tab shows Netbeans is equipped for Dynamic Web development for use by Application Developers. This is the full suite, for this reason alone, the services tab, I don't think there is another tool better equipped for e-commerce application.

NeatBeans IDE's services Tab show cases J2EE/JEE, listing the full suite aimed at Dynamic Web Application Developers

The purpose of this IDE is to make Application Developers self sufficient to do their work


Netbeans is fully supported in the the J2EE/JEE specification and documentation. There is no need to buy any book or take any course. Books and IT Courses like udemy courses on the whole are bloated distractions. Only Book which would interest me is one which described pros and Cons of technologies , frameworks in their respective paradigms, so I can focus on the right framework. I couldn't find such a book so I had to work it out myself using everything I know so far.