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Java Server Pages

Professional Java Server Programming [WROX programmer to programmer] Quote:

" Based on servlet Technology , and currently shaping up at breakneck speed, Java Server Pages (JSP) is set to be one of the most important elements of Java Server Programming. It's by no means complete yet [JSP 1.0], but that will change as the Java 2 Enterprise Edition comes together.

So what are Java Server Pages ? Well, they combine markup (whether HTML or XML) with nuggets of Java code to produce a dynamic web page.

Each Page is automatically compiled to a servlet by the JSP Engine, the first time it is requested and executed.

With it, you can split the functionality of your web applications into components with well-defined public interfaces glued together by a simple page.

This model allows tasks to be sub-divided - a developer builds custom components and the page designer assembles the application with a few judicious method calls. In this 'application assembly' model , the business logic is separated from the presentation of data.

Your code will run without change, making it more portable and the server market more competitive than its rival.

You can Encapsulate your logic in a JavaBean component and integrate it with the JSP (jsp:useBean).

Finally, its Nice and Simple ! "